Alexander Technique Sessions

Learn the Alexander Technique for every aspect of your life

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Alexander Technique sessions are often referred to as lessons because they involve learning, although this is experiential rather than traditional school style. It could be seen more as an exploration, with your Alexander Technique teacher acting as a guide and helper.

In sessions, we look at everyday movements and activities, for example walking, so no special clothing is required and you remain fully clothed. It is fine to eat beforehand (unless you will then fall asleep!)

During a session we may discuss, look at additional materials (for example pictures) and work with gentle hands-on contact. This contact between yourself and your teacher is an extra way of communicating and is usually very helpful for allowing experiential learning.

My aim is to introduce you to and enable you to learn the skills of the Alexander Technique so that you can use it in the whole of your life - to make myself redundant! This is part of why the Alexander Technique is so empowering - in coming to sessions you learn how to help yourself, rather than to have something done to you. It is said that the Alexander Technique is the ultimate 'self-help' tool.

Anyone could learn the Alexander Technique on their own, although sessions with a STAT-registered Alexander Technique teacher will make the process much quicker, easier and more enjoyable. (The founder of the Alexander Technique; F.M.Alexander, devoted his whole life from his twenties to the study of human thought and movement, and took around nine years to gain the insights which led to the basic principles of the Alexander Technique!)

Sessions last between 30 minutes to an hour.


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