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See the articles page for the SEAT study press release. More evidence that the Alexander Technique has a lot to offer those in chronic pain.



The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) guideline G88 for management of low back pain includes the Alexander Technique "...up to a maximum of eight sessions...". Also, see below regarding private health insurance.



Important research results for back pain sufferers was published by The British Medical Journal (BMJ). The 'ATEAM' trial; a randomised, controlled, clinical trial conducted in Bristol and Southampton, studied people with recurrent or chronic low back pain and the effects of having Alexander Technique lessons, massage and / or an exercise prescription.

The results were striking, with participants who had learnt the Alexander Technique showing great improvements which were sustained after the lessons had finished:-

After one year, the control group (standard interventions) were in pain for an average of 21 out of 28 days, whereas people who'd had twenty-four AT lessons averaged only 3 days in pain (out of 28).

It also stated that "... quality of life improved significantly" and "No significant harms were reported."

You can read the research here.


The BMJ also published a health economics paper showing how much financial sense AT makes. The online version includes a SHORT VIDEO about the Alexander Technique - a "must see" if you're wondering how it works. Follow this link to see it (scroll down the page for the video).


The conclusions of a study of the "expectations and experiences" of participants in the ATEAM trial began: "Using the Alexander Technique was viewed as effective by most patients."

It also states that "...many patients who had learned the Alexander Technique felt they could manage back pain better." and that attitudes of participants "...became more positive..."

You can see the abstract from the journal Family Practice by following this link.



Some insurance companies will pay for a number of Alexander Technique lessons for sufferers of back pain.

Please note: If you are insured with PruHealth, Bethan is on their register as a "recognised PruHealth provider".


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