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"I'm really enjoying the lessons and am getting loads out of it. I'd recommend it to anyone." - Debbie


"Learning Alexander Technique with Bethan is FUN...and broadens the mind as well as improving the body...I find it has improved many parts of my life. I run better, stand better, sit better and have fewer aches and pains.

Bethan teaches in a very sensitive and intelligent way, adapting herself to what will benefit us, and fit in with our states of mind. We always feel better after a session, as well as energised and enthused..." - Joe


"My back's better than it has been for ten years. 48-years-old and I'm just finding out that more tension isn't the way to do things!" - Bob


The technique is very subtle and non- intrusive yet amazingly effective. It makes so much sense that you wonder how you have never realised it before (or in fact why other people haven't either)! Bethan's approach makes lessons enlightening and fun, and the knowledge that she has given me has been invaluable. I would recommend the Alexander technique to absolutely everyone. - Lucy


"[After his first lesson] he said he feels like a new man; really great!" - Amanda, about her partner.


It's changed the way I think about myself...The breathing is really relaxing - I think "why don't we breathe this way?" - Agnieszka


"I came to the Alexander Technique primarily because of neck problems which were the result of a car accident. The Technique has improved my physical and mental well-being out of all recognition. Many thanks Bethan!" - Briony


"My neck pain is now much better and I think the AT has contributed considerably." - Maddie.


And a word from a journalist (not one of Bethan's pupils); Lee Randall - writing for the Scotsman after an introductory AT lesson in January 2011: "The technique is very experiential, and makes for baffling reading, which is why it's advisable to try a session to see what it's all about."

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