The Alexander Technique

Learn the Alexander Technique for every aspect of your life

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The Alexander Technique (AT) is a practical tool which can be learnt and used by anyone.

When we are young, we have beautiful ease and co-ordination but somehow as we get older this seems to change! Through dealing with life, we build up habits of thought, movement and emotional response which may outlive their usefulness and, in some instances, become harmful to us. We can all regain ease through applying the Technique.

AT is experiential so the best way to find out if it's for you is to come for a free introduction.

During a lesson, you will remain fully clothed - teachers use words and gentle hand contact to help you become aware of your habits and of other choices which may be available to you.

A few of the many reasons why people come for lessons include: - back pain, depression, RSI (repetitive strain injury), improving athletic performance, pregnancy, breathing / vocal problems, anxiety and stress, improving musical performance and so on.

AT is used in organisations such as the BBC, Chanel, The British Library, Hewlett Packard and The Guardian as well as many others.


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