Wholeness coaching & ShadowWork coaching

Wholeness coaching

I believe we all want to feel whole and when we don’t, we find life difficult, and then some of us go searching. I offer you support, encouragement and reflection for your process, drawing on my trainings and on years of experience of my own and others’ journeys.

See me as your personal cheerleader, walking beside you as you move forwards, ready to lend a hand when needed or help you shine a light into dark corners of yourself, always on your side.

One-to-one ShadowWork coaching is also now available.

When things in life seem to be stuck, or the same pattern is showing up over and over again, maybe it’s because there’s something in shadow. This is exactly what it sounds like - some aspect of ourselves which is partially or completely out of our ‘sight’, yet operational none the less.

Contact me for a free call if you’d like to discuss how you might benefit: [email protected] / 07515 482 426

For more information about ShadowWork, see the European ShadowWork website - http://shadowwork.eu/