Saturday 26 November 2022, Bristol

Introduction to Living Tantra

This introductory day invites you to say hello to and welcome all that you feel in this physical body. It is a gentle and playful introduction into the realm of Living Tantra: into being alive in your feelings, including feeling your natural desires, exploring your boundaries and learning to voice them, expressing your wants and needs, learning to ask for what you want, discovering different types of touch and loving yourself more fully. You are welcome to come on your own or with a partner.

During the day you will meet and connect with others in a safe and nourishing space where you can relax into discovering yourself and your way of connecting.

Next on 26th November 2022 -

Contact me if you’d like to hear when tickets are released - [email protected] / 07515 482 426

Here’s some feedback we’ve had about the day:-

“I thought the structure of the day worked really well to build trust and a sense of safety”

“Lovely facilitation, really clear guidelines & instructions. Thank you!"

“I thought you and Ed did an amazing job holding the space in such a safe and nourishing way…"