Meetings Without Masks Online - Original and "Open House"

“Meetings Without Masks” ~ new formats!

Click here for tickets for events with me & Ed; we alternate dates with our colleagues and friends Nicola & Jason. And there’s a video here about it, with Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz (aka “The Man Whisperer”)

  • Feeling starved of meaningful contact…?
  • Just starting to feel ready to date again, or to think about it….?
  • Daunted by dating apps…?

After such an extended time of limited contact our deep needs for love, support and safety are crying out to be met, now more than ever.

When dating we often put pressure on ourselves to be accepted & liked. Pressure to impress, to be physically attractive, to be funny or talkative. What if you could drop all that and learn to show up just as you are, to be loved and accepted for that?

Meetings without Masks Online is a workshop that enables you to meet interesting, kind, fun people from a place of honesty. We create a place to explore connection, with structures and guidance designed to allow openness, truth and trust.

It is based on the Meetings without Masks day workshop created by relationship expert Jan Day, which we run regularly in person!

If you or someone you know would like to hear us talk a bit about it, we did a facebook live - “What is Meetings Without Masks Online?"

and I had a conversation with Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz about it - the short version is like an FAQ about Meetings Without Masks online, you can see it here

There’s also an even-lower-pressure event now - Open House - which is not a dating event, more like a practice ground - just meeting people as your authentic self, dropping the social (or dating) ‘mask’ as much as you choose to.

Meet the team:-

Here’s a link to Ed’s website; I run ‘Meetings’ with Ed online and in person.

As do Nicola & Jason - a couple who are dear friends and colleagues of ours.

And of course there’s Jan Day who devised the original workshop and runs them with her husband Frieder Fischer