The Calling: Resourcing in Intense Times

~ Do you feel like you need some time for yourself?

~ Do you want a break from the daily grind?

~ Are you feeling frayed?… frustration?… boredom?… grieving?… feeling a lot?… feeling numb? Bring it all.

“Thank you for creating such a gentle space to rest with absolutely no demands or expectations…"

Come and join me with my friend & colleague Melanie Ward as we hold these circles for women to drop, to share, to just BE. Evenings of resourcing & nourishment, time just for you.

COME just as you are, COME home to yourself, COME because you deserve it.

These circles of women are a time for you to connect with yourself, drop into your body, and feel the support of community.

“I deeply wanted to just be held. And that is just what I received."

We will create the space, guide you in body-focused practices, and hold the circle for you to share.

We will invite you to book it in your calendar for 6.50pm so you have time to log in, set yourself up in a private space and gather what you need (maybe blankets, heating, a drink of water or tea) so you can be warm & comfortable.

Tickets are priced on a sliding scale:

£20 Abundance ticket if you are in paid work and can afford it

£15 Standard ticket if that is what’s affordable

£10 Lean times ticket if money is really tight

Melanie and I have known each other for many years, having met through our training as Shadow Work coaches. We are in the same women’s circle and have both completed the Women In Power programme. We bring our sensitivity, compassion and acceptance as well as our many years of experience in Shadow Work, intimacy & relating ‘work’ and hands-on (Alexander Technique in my case, and Melanie is a shiatsu practitioner)