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Would you like a richer, more connected, more authentic life?

Bethan offers Shadow Work coaching, Wholeness coaching and School of Being workshops on themes of relating & intimacy, so that you can move more into the life you want. For more information on coaching see the One-to-one page.

Bethan invites you to welcome yourself just as you are in each moment, as a starting point for opening to your fullest self. Her aim is to create an accepting, non-judgmental space for whatever arises. People describe her as having insight and compassion and creating a space which feels safe for them to show up just as they are.

About Bethan:-

During a first career in the helping professions Bethan was drawn to Alexander Technique and later to Shadow Work and Tantra, all of which helped her deal with personal challenges such as bereavement, depression and a sense of not belonging. People appreciate the safety they feel during sessions and workshops, Bethan’s clarity and her ability to ‘meet’ & hold them in all sorts of feeling states.

Over time she has trained and practiced as an Alexander Technique teacher, a Shadow Work coach and with renowned relationship expert Jan Day in her School of Being.
She continues to study with Jan Day and with Joanna Watters (“Supporting a radical acceptance of present moment reality”)

Coaching and workshops in Devon, Bristol & London.