Inviting Intimacy

Friday 5th May (evening) to Sunday 7th May 2023 in Bristol

To be intimate with others we must first become intimate with ourselves; to listen closely to our inner world on all levels and to welcome what we find. When we become familiar and comfortable with our feelings, thoughts and emotions we can bring the whole of ourselves into our relating with others - even the bits that we feel awkward about. This is what builds true intimacy: Having the courage & honesty to show our wants & needs, to voice our true “yes” and “no”, so that we can enter into connection with trust and acceptance of both ourselves and the other.

There’s also a short introductory video on YouTube here.

This non-residential weekend workshop offers a gentle, insightful introduction to the realm of Living Tantra; the art of living and loving whilst including our whole selves. We invite you to join us and take this opportunity to connect more deeply with yourself & others in a kind, nourishing environment - to relax into being fully you.

The weekend is suitable for all - single people and couples - you are all welcome.

Timings: -

Friday 5th May 8.00 - 10.00pm

Saturday 6th May 10.30am - 9.30pm

Sunday 7th May 10.30am - 4.00pm

Early bird ticket £160

Full weekend ticket £190

Two-together ticket: Book together and share a £50 discount - buy two standard price full weekend tickets at the same time to pay only £330 for two people

“If you’d like to explore and deepen your inner connection and how to relate and create intimacy with others in a healthy, empowered and authentic way then I highly recommend attending this weekend with Bethan and Ed” R, Bristol

“Fantastic leaders Ed & Bethan making it a safe, calm environment for ‘Personal Development’. I came away feeling relaxed & refreshed and my perspective of relationships changed."