Sunday 24 September 2023, 24th September - 1st October 2023, Somerset

Living Tantra 1

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Living Tantra 1 is a carefully structured seven day residential workshop which includes guided meditations, explorations in small groups and sharing circles. Many of these explorations involve movement and touch, simple actions which can encourage you to bring consciousness and compassion to all of yourself. You’ll also be invited in to ceremony. This workshop, which I lead with Ed Rooke, encourages you to expand heart, mind and body.

The week will focus on the ways that we love, relate and express our sexuality as man or woman. It aims to open you to a deeper ‘yes’ to all that you are. In the process, you will discover the potential for ease, delight, playfulness and consciousness. You will meet others in a caring and respectful environment and will be encouraged to awaken a more spiritual connection with your sexuality. You’ll learn to discover your desires and how to express them openly, with care and respect. You will learn to love and honour yourself and your sexual nature and to celebrate your sensitivity, sensuality and innocence. Throughout Living Tantra your willingness to be alive and present with your core emotions is always encouraged. Explorations that focus on discovering and expressing your personal boundaries are an integral part of it all.

Living Tantra gives you permission to enjoy pleasure. It also gives you the permission to say ‘no’. The workshop invites you to connect with truth and love, to discover and integrate yourself. Allow your spirit to connect with your body, give yourself a truly holistic experience which can set the tone and pace of your future sexual self!

There is no pre-requisite for Living Tantra 1, you are of course welcome to attend an Introduction to Living Tantra day and / or Inviting Intimacy weekend workshop beforehand.

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TIMINGS: START - Sunday 24th September arrive between 5 - 6pm, with dinner at 6.30pm. First session begins at 7.30pm FINISH - Sunday 1st October 3pm

VENUE: Earth Spirit Centre, a retreat centre near Glastonbury offering quality facilities.

ACCOMMODATION in standard dormitories (3 - 8 beds) with possibilities for camping or for upgrades to single or twin rooms and / or attached bathroom, with extra charge.


£820 Super early bird price; book before 7th May 2023

£870 Early bird price; book before 1st August 2023

£970 when booked after 1st August 2023

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Living Tantra

Living Tantra is a series of sexuality and intimacy workshops that begins with Living Tantra 1. It offers an opportunity to explore more deeply into the realms of ecstatic loving, sexual intimacy and sacred union so that you can learn to have healthy, satisfying relationships.

Because of the nature of this work, a pre-requisite for the Living Tantra course is the foundational workshop, Living Tantra 1. When you have completed the full 7 days of Living Tantra 1, you can participate in any of the other Living Tantra workshops and you can also join the 18 month Living Tantra Training group if you wish.

The aim of Living Tantra is to give you a space where you can learn and grow into celebrating your natural, healthy sexuality with ease, playfulness, tenderness, consciousness, integrity and joy.

The Living Tantra series of workshops can either be taken individually or as part of an extended training course of personal growth. The benefits you can get from this workshop are:

  • A sense of ease in your body
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Renewed vitality
  • A way of growing and healing your sexuality
  • A consciousness and connection with spirit
  • Learning to communicate your boundaries, desires and needs
  • Moving towards rich, pleasurable relationships and heart-centred sexual relationships
  • Experiencing yourself as a vibrantly alive man or woman
  • Learning that you are strong enough to hold all you feel
  • Allowing yourself to be tender and vulnerable
  • Living with passion and love